3 Reasons Why Dance Makes You Feel Amazing

Updated: Mar 27

Dance is incredible for your wellbeing. It's the perfect exercise for your body, mind, and spirit - strengthen all three and you will feel amazing.

1. Have you ever experienced the endorphin rush after good exercise, when those happy-chemicals have a party in your brain? They can even help lift your brain out of depression and help it overcome some other mental health difficulties.

2. Getting fit makes you feel confident. When everyday physical tasks, like walking up the stairs or running for the bus, feel easier, you will even enjoy doing them! And when your mind is stronger and your body looks and feels healthier, you feel like a winner.

3. But more than that, dance is FUN! Do you know why? Because it’s a social activity and a way for sharing our stories with each other. Those are the things most of us look for when we want to relax, let go and enjoy life: connecting with others, sharing stories and being part of something bigger than ourselves.

What do you do normally do for fun? Do you like to meet up with friends or family for dinner, go to a party or down the pub? Or read a book, listen to music, watch TV, a movie, or a play? Things that bring us together, get our bodies active, and connect us with meaning in life make us feel fulfilled. Dance does all those things at once!

Join the movement.

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