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Afro Dance is all about ENERGY.

Whether you're a beginner, a keep-fitter or a trained athlete, the powerful and dynamic moves of Silyvesta's unique Afro Fusion style can help you:

  • strengthen and tone your muscles 

  • improve fitness and flexibility

  • mobilise and stabilise your joints

  • lose excess weight

  • keep active for long-term heart health

We are an inclusive dance company, open to all abilities and ages. Wherever your body is at today, we have steps and options to get you moving to the beat!

Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss dancing with a health condition.

"The best thing about Afro Dance is the amazing energy the music gives you to keep going even when you're tired! I find it's so much more fun than the gym."


Dance helps keep your mind healthy.

From tiny tots to senior citizens, we all grow when we overcome new challenges. That's why our brains love dance - it keeps them in good shape!

Learning Afro Dance techniques and practising routines can help you develop:

  • coordination

  • muscle control

  • neural pathways for muscle isolations

  • spatial awareness

  • balance and weight distribution

  • memorisation

Coordination is a skill you get better at with practice. "Two left feet" just means you need more practice! Book a class​ now!

"The music, the vibe and the movement is enough to keep you lively all week!  Silyvesta is a fantastic teacher and helps us feel at ease whatever our level."


Afro Dance is a party!

Community is paramount in African cultures and music is an important part of that - best enjoyed with friends!

Dance allows us to create instant connections with people without speaking a word. It is a great way of making new, deep and lasting friendships. Why not join a class and come and meet us? You're welcome!

Kiduku is all about good vibes and learning together in a friendly, supportive and positive atmosphere. This makes our workshops fantastic for workplace team-building, hen and stag parties and school groups.

"The dancing, the fitness, the music, the people - it would be hard not to walk away with a sense of joy. Thank you guys!💃"


Afro Dance lets you be you!

All dance is fantastic for exploring your emotions and getting creative but few styles are as expressive as Afro!

Whatever you're feeling, let it out in your dance! Play with facial expressions, relaxed grooves or quick movements to upbeat music let you get your mood across and your personality shining through.

Silyvesta's unique energy encourages everyone to get in tune with who you are and really feel the music. Classes leave you feeling invigorated, confident, refreshed and joyful - just ask any of our regulars!

"Silyvesta's classes give you a perfect mix of creativity, fun and exercise with a confidence booster :)"


Afro Dance inspires self-discipline.

Be the best you can be because you want to. Because it's fun and exciting to excel. Because everyone is rooting for you. Because it feels amazing to achieve something together.

Afro Dance performance requires maximum physical exertion, mental focus, determination, unity with your group and expression.

Join us and push yourself to the next level!


Book courses here, group classes here and private lessons here.

"I enjoy Afrobeats with Kiduku! I like the fact that it is so focussed on the students' needs... everyone is welcome!"

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Kiduku is a modern Afro dance style from Tanzania, East Africa. It's about connecting the different parts of your body through the music to make one, energetic and vibrant expression. In the same way, Kiduku Afro Dance & Fitness brings different people together through rhythm and movement to create one exciting energy together. 

Kiduku style is fun to learn! Silyvesta has extensive experience working with everyone from absolute beginners to professional performers and his highly interactive teaching style helps you to build up and refine your technique step by step. Those new to dance are soon amazed at what their bodies can do! Dance fitness classes are ideal for strengthening and activating all those tiny muscles you need to fully free your movements for Kiduku style...

Whether you think you've got "two left feet" or you've been training in Afro Dance or another dance discipline for years, we have a group class for you! Come and enjoy the captivating spirit of music from across Africa and the African diaspora. All our dance classes offer options for all levels and abilities so it's up to you to decide where your limits are that day.

Based in Plumstead Common, London, SE18, we offer weekly indoor and open air dance classes, in-school courses, workshops, one-to-one sessions, and bespoke packages to prepare you for your perfect, choreographed wedding dance, birthday dance, special event, or performance.


Just like Kiduku style, our dance classes, courses and workshops are about bringing our different energies together in harmony and celebrating unity. 

We connect diverse members of our community in Plumstead, South East London, through music and dance - different people of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, beliefs, and backgrounds, coming together to create that special energy and share its happiness. Contact us to book a Black History Month or Black History 365 event for your school or workplace.

We welcome collaborations with other dance professionals and creatives - get in touch here with your project idea.

Fees from all paid sessions go towards enabling us to provide additional services in the community, including supporting work with other local projects and community groups. We also offer concessionary rates for seniors, disabled people and those on low income - click here to learn more or contact us to book a concessionary place.


Karibuni sana! - You're all welcome!

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