Kiduku Rhythms Community Interest Company is a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Plumstead, London. We support community integration and draw on elements from a diverse range of cultures to celebrate our individuality and our unity.

We are here to make you feel amazing!​

We’re all about enjoying the things that make us happy and healthy people and sharing the pleasure of a healthy life with you and your family. Looking after yourself is a delight, not a chore. And when you do, you feel amazing.

Yes, you - all of you

Our performing arts projects focus on wellbeing and positivity. You don't need to be a pro to have a go! Everyone is welcome to come and experience the joy of music and stories, and of being part of a supportive community encouraging you to be your best self.

We provide a basis on which for you to truly explore your own creativity. Find your niche and we will help you develop your skills for progression. Aim high and keep going!

Our programme has changed lives already 

Before Kiduku Rhythms came about, we co-founders, Lizzie & Silyvesta, had been working in education and on educational projects across Tanzania and in Namibia and Germany with more than 15 years' combined experience. 


Some of the people we have worked with face challenges in their lives that are unimaginable for most people living in the UK. With our wellbeing-focussed programme combining arts and academia, they were inspired to believe in themselves, and realise their potential - on the stage and in the classroom. 

African street gangs: our inspiration

We first came together in 2015 on a rehabilitation project for street children in West Tanzania. Basic literacy and health training were the objectives, but the young people we worked with needed to find self-confidence, a strong sense of purpose and a clear direction - without these, teaching them their ABC's would be meaningless and very hard work.

So we diversified the programme to focus on wellbeing, and include more of the activities that give us meaning and happiness. Dance, singing and acrobatics were especially popular! Discover the benefits of dance here. Effective at boosting self-esteem, and building a sense of a common purpose, these activities quickly translated into better results in our reading and writing classes.

Good vibes in Greenwich!

...Fast forward a few years and a few more successful projects later, we are bringing those same positive performing arts vibes home to London! We realise how important improved wellbeing is for success - and that applies to all of us, young and old, whether your challenges are life-threatening, stress-inducing or hidden. We all need to look after ourselves and we all deserve to feel amazing.


Our company is focussed on making a big, positive contribution to our local community rather than big profits. That also means we do our best to minimise costs and maximise inclusivity.



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