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COVID-19 Safety Measures

It is everyone's responsibility to stay safe during the pandemic. Participants must read and follow the safety rules carefully.

1. All staff and participants are required to adhere to social distancing guidelines and avoid all physical contact with others before, during and after every session.

2. You must maintain social distancing during your activity, as a spectator, as you enter and exit the hall, and in the queue if necessary.

3. Each participant will have their own designated area to dance in and must not enter any other participant's area.

4. All personal belongings, including water bottles, need to be placed either in the top right corner of your own area or away from all dancers on the sides. You should not place your belongings close to others'.

5. There will be no drinking water/cups provided - you will need to bring plenty of your own drinking water to stay hydrated throughout your activity.

6. If you are attending an indoor session, the Hall toilet facilities only may be used. It is not allowed to use the Church toilets (through the double doors). Please use sanitiser BEFORE and AFTER using the facilities.

7. There will be no access to any other areas of the Hall and Church.

8. Avoid touching door handles, window handles, and light switches. Please ask staff to help you instead.

9. Please wash and/or sanitise your hands thoroughly before you come to participate in a session and again as soon as possible afterwards.

10. Please consider paying for your sessions by electronic means where possible.

You must not attend Kiduku activities if you have symptoms of COVID-19.

You must not attend any Kiduku activities if you are unwell, or showing signs of any COVID symptoms, or if you have tested positive for COVID or been told to self-isolate. If you become unwell or come into contact with anyone who has COVID symptoms, you must wait 14 full days clear of any symptoms before returning to Kiduku sessions. You must behave responsibly to protect yourself and others from the risk of COVID-19, including keeping a 2m distance from staff and other participants and avoiding all physical contact. You must inform Kiduku as soon as possible if you develop COVID symptoms and you must not attempt to hold Kiduku Rhythms CIC responsible in any way. Your details may be passed on to NHS Test & Trace in the interests of protecting our community and keeping everybody safe. See our Privacy Policy for more information about how we handle your data.

Find more information about COVID-19 on the NHS website.

Please view our full Terms and Conditions of Participation in Dance Activities here.

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