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The roots of our dance company started out in Tanzania, East Africa, when our founders came together from very different angles on a project to support street children and prevent them from being recruited into criminal gangs.


Lizzie recognised that the social worker's efforts and her own improvised, roadside classes alone were not enough to refocus the young people's attention, so she sought the help of Silyvesta, then Secretary for Arts and Culture in the town and an acclaimed dance teacher and performer, who was known for his work in dance with hundreds of children in schools and at all kinds of celebrations - from major festivals to remote village outreach - across the vast region and beyond.


The collaboration was a great success. The energy, excitement and opportunity of the programme inspired passion in the young people, who went from strength to strength - many of them are now grown up with their own families, running small businesses or working skilled jobs, while others are in further education.

A few years later, we took the core principles of the project to a Namibian township called Otjomuise, where Lizzie had previously run successful academic tuition and arts and wellbeing programmes at a children's centre called Mammadú. Once again, Silyvesta's afro dance workshops were a huge hit, encouraging the children's neighbours, family members and even the most reserved of the centre staff to join in the fun and dance!

Back in South East London a few years later, we wanted to bring that same positive energy to our community here in Plumstead too. Parents and young people had complained there wasn't enough diversity in dance locally to represent the diversity in the community... and so we established Kiduku Rhythms Community Interest Company to bring those vibes to Plumstead.


Afro dance is a powerful unifier, enhancing our sense of common purpose and highlighting the similarities we share across diversified groups - and we need that sense of connection especially in London.


On top of that, dancing has incredible benefits for your individual wellbeing. The uplifting combination of music and physical exercise, plus the exhilerating feeling of being in rhythm with the people around you, can have a long-lasting positive impact on your health, your mood and your quality of life. Everyone deserves to enjoy it!

The beginning of Kiduku Rhythms...


Silyvesta is our Artistic Director.

He teaches our afro dance classes and workshops, creates original choreographies and dance programmes, and offers one-to-one dance training.

Silyvesta has over 12 years' professional dance experience and has taught more than 1,000 clients of all ages and abilities across the world.

His lively personality engages children and young people of all ages and puts anyone new to dance quickly at ease. He is trained in Exercise to Music, Paediatric First Aid and Safeguarding and has an enhanced DBS certificate.

  • Instagram Dancer Boys Shaker Dance Teacher and Choreographer
Silyvesta Artistic Director Afro Dance T


Lizzie is our Managing Director.

She runs the behind-the-scenes of our company, co-ordinates collaborations, and assists Silyvesta in creating and delivering programmes for workshops and children's courses.

Lizzie has 10 years' experience teaching English, Drama, Swahili, German, Maths and Linguistics from age 4 to university level - in Germany, Namibia, Tanzania and the UK. She also sits on the board of a number of education charities.

Lizzie is trained in Drama and Language Teaching, Childcare, Paediatric First Aid and Safeguarding and has an enhanced DBS certificate.

Lizzie Director Drama Language Culture T
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